Hawkeye Access

Control your iOS device
with your eyes.

Simple Controls.

Hawkeye Access lets you use eye and face movements to control your device hands-free. For people with motor impairments, this makes controlling an iOS device much easier.


Just look at an element to highlight it. Smile, blink, or hold your gaze to select.


Look at the edge of the screen in the direction you want to scroll.


Look in the bottom right corner of the device to return to the home screen.

Browse the web.

Browse any website using eye control. You can dictate searches or open popular websites right from the home page. From social networking to shopping—this opens up a world of possibilities.




Control Apps.

Hawkeye Access integrates with other apps to let you control them using your eyes. The Access app automatically detects all the eye control-enabled apps you have installed and allows you to open and control them.

Coming Soon