Learn where people
look in your products.

Hawkeye lets you conduct eye tracking tests on your products, no extra hardware required.

Get the real story.

Playback recordings with eye tracking and touch events.

Traditional screen recordings only give you half the picture. You learn which pages a user visits and for how long, but not much more. Eye tracking lets you understand the user’s thought process. See where a user gets confused, what draws their attention, and why they perform the actions they do.

Conduct remote tests.

Add instructions. Send invites. Get results.

Conducting tests in-person can be a hassle. Hawkeye makes it easy to test with more people. Participants can complete tests on their own devices in their own time. Coupled with Hawkeye's eye tracking, you can understand their thought process after the fact.

A better research platform.

Invite testers, collaborate with your team, and share results.

Understanding user behavior is essential to improving your products. Hawkeye makes it easy to learn from your users and have fun while doing it.

Playback Sessions

View Heatmaps

Share Findings

Organize Results

No extra hardware needed.

Forget about expensive and clunky eye tracking hardware.

Hawkeye uses the TrueDepth camera on new iOS devices to perform eye tracking. This means Hawkeye works without out any extra hardware.

Low Cost

With Hawkeye, there’s no need to lease expensive hardware.

Remote Testing

Participants can complete tests on their own devices.

Zero Setup

Download the app and you can be up and running in minutes.